Classical Kinetics

These web-apps allow you to set initial conditions and rate constants of reactions and view how the concentrations and rate change over time. The full derivation of formulae is provided.

A → B
A → 2B
2A → B
A + B → C
A → B | autocatalysis
A → B | zero order
A ⇌ B

Atomic Spectroscopy

Practice Term Symbols, draw vectors representing allowed electronic transitions on Grotrian diagrams and place the corresponding spectral lines where they are expected to be observed experimentally.

Electronic spectra: H, He+
Electronic spectra: Alkali

Separation Methods

This interactive suite of web-apps allows you to learn how to construct ternary diagrams and to design single and multi-step liquid–liquid extraction systems.

Liquid-Liquid Extraction
Bánsági, Jr., T.; Rodgers, T. L., "Graphic Web–apps for Teaching Ternary Diagrams and Liquid–Liquid Extraction"

Being able to sketch graphs of functions is an important skill in science and engineering. These web-apps enable you to practice free-hand drawing of graphs.

Graph Sketch

Poster presented at ChemEngDayUK2015